Jump On The Bus….Peninsula School District!

In December I met the Superintendent Rob Manahan of Peninsula Schools District and a few other staff members as I was invited to go on a bus tour of some of the schools in our district.  I loved this opportunity not only because my own kids attend these schools but because many of my clients kids will too.  Rob started off the tour with a brief introduction of himself and the excitement he has for the district, he even threw in a few fist pumps as he described some of the electives that the district has to offer.  We all then piled on a big yellow school bus as we traveled to the selected schools where we then toured, met principles and staff and learned more about the district.  It was fun, interactive and I left feeling proud that my kids will be growing and learning in this district!

Yesterday, I got up, poured myself a cup of coffee and jumped on Facebook, as I scrolled through my feed, look what I stumbled on….

They are continuing the tour this spring!! I love that they want our feed back and are encouraging our involvement.  I highly recommend this tour and I plan to jump on the bus again!

Here are few fun fact about the district…

Visit https://psd401.net to learn about Peninsula School District.


Let’s do coffee…If your new to the area I would love to share my experience so far with my involvement with the district as I was also new to the community at one time.

Posted on March 17, 2017 at 6:05 pm
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